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Hey, hi there, welcome to Plenty9ja Social Media club. In whichever way you have found yourself here we are very glad to have you be a part of this great initiative. Here, instagramers and other social media users are invited to join this prestigious club in order to connect network and share valuable idea and entrepreneur goals with goal driven individuals who strive to reach their goals through the instrumentality of the social media. This platform welcomes the medical inclined, legal oriented, entrepreneurs, entertainment icons, lifestyle lovers , sports fans, book writers and readers  and a host of other nature of hustle you do to find and connect with one another thereby achieving great business plans and socializing together. Our dating forum is a top notch and trust us this might just place you’ll find that one special person.  It is not a mistake that you clink the button that brought you here it is in fact the unlock button to your great fortune.



  • To create a common platform for achievers and goal driven persons
  • Build an avenue for achieving great business goals
  • Connect and network for business
  • Financial assistance to members
  • Socialize together
  • Celebrate events together
  • Prioritize opportunities for members
  • Increase members visibilities on social media platforms
  • Link up for dating
  • Educative Arguments based on facts
  • Learn from other people



  • To gain more followers on social media platforms
  • Get comments and likes on your posts
  • Get celebrated on special occasion days
  • Business conferences
  • Get supports for special events
  • Loan facilities
  • Advertisement placement on our e-commerce website
  • Discount on goods and services demanded by members and supplied by members
  •  Trade fair
  • Gain attention from our sponsored ad
  • Meet celebrities and brand influencers
  • Annual awards for dedicated members


In the meantime there no required payments it is absolutely free.



  • Registration is based on approval by the admin
  • Upon registration a welcome note is sent to your registered email which confirms that prospective members are not robots
  • A serial identification code will be generated for registered members
  • After registration a digital identity card will be sent to members registered email address and also displayed at the background of their profile after login in on the website.
  • Pictures and bio data with business info of members will be displayed only after a successful registration followed by a login.
  • Other members can verify other members membership only if they are duly registered on the site.



  • Information supplied for membership purposes are strictly private and cannot be divulge to any third party.
  • Members may flaunt their identity cards on social media platforms as they possess special code which can be further verified on the site in the event of adulteration or impersonation.
  • Always demand to meet up physically before sealing any legal business deal with members
  • The plenty9ja badge is automatically placed on members identity cards
  • The mutual enjoyment of the club by all of its members is central to the clubs existence



This forum is for legal inclined minds feel free to chat here only on matter bothering law and law related matters, anything outside issues bothering on law is highly prohibited.


In this forum members are only allowed to discuss health related issues there are doctors and other medical practitioners in this forum, feel free to ask questions and discuss valuable health issues only.


Sports related topics are only and strictly allowed in this forum. Sports especially football topics are highly welcome and anticipated in this forum.


Welcome to this forum, we are lifestyle lovers, do you have anything whorthy of being bragged about? Tell us about it here and let’s talk quality lifestyle.


We are fashion lovers, here, we admire comment and criticize peoples fashion ideas and learn how to blend our fashion sense, fluant your pictures and lets dissect the errors.


Who knows? Your heartrub might just be here, lets discuss matured issues, know ourselves better and linkup later for a date. This is the most romantic forum ever.


Lets talk property, real estate products and services. Tell us about that property you have for sell, tell us about the legal documents, location and cost. Your client may just be here.


Whats trending on instagram, Tiktok and other social media platforms share with us lets gist and laugh about it.


Lets discuss corona virus….


Exhibit your craft, tell us about you ethnical practice. We want to here about that sacrilegious practice in your community. Feel free Showcase beautiful work of art here.


Are you a religion freak your opinion is needed here join this group and participate actively..


This is most romantically engaging forum find your crush here and make the first move, say some nice..

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